Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Training Log -- 3/2

Did some judo throws to start out. My leg cramped up pretty badly half way through (something that has persisted for the past few days), and I sat out the rest of the drilling.

Rolled with JC, who's Casey's son, and Antony. Did the usual with JC without really thinking, which included passing his non-existent guard and bending his arm in gruesome directions. Got sloppy from North/South and ended up in mount again. Still have to work on securing positions before sub attempts.

Did well with Antony. Passed his guard and he recomposed after a hip-bump (there's the securing position thing again...). Worked from my own guard, keeping him largely at bay and preventing side control. He stood up and I did a technical stand, which resulted in me hitting a sweet single-leg for another guard pass. Second roll, I worked again from guard, eventually locking in a triangle on my weak side. Struggled to finish it, but tried to shift the total weight over to the better angle and work for an armbar. He escaped, and we both acknowledged we were too gassed out to do anything else.

Rolled again with Brian just for shits and giggles. I think he passed, but lost position. I got a sweep and ended up briefly in side control before he ragdolled me and I re-established guard.

Not a bad night overall.

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  1. If you make it Friday we'll work on holding position. I think that's more important than tuning armbars for most of the people that are likely to show up.