Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Training Log -- 3/9

Did some more gi-based guard passing. The two that I really liked were sleeve-grabbing techniques. One was a sleeve grab, tripod up, elbow in thigh nerve, and then knee-over their leg. Shrug off their other leg and pass. The second was a lead-in for a hammerlock, which involved grabbing the sleeve, passing their arm under their own body, and then passing using the elbow-in-nerve. Continue the arm crank once in side control for the submission.

Rolling was me, Katie, JC, and Antony. Forced myself to work from inside guard, which I've really begun to dread. I think my top, offensive game has largely passed my defensive game, and I'm not as proficient when I pull guard or end up inside someone's guard. JC managed to get his damn collar choke on me, which I fended off, gave my back, and avoided a rear-naked choke. He got mount and completed his choke, as I was gassed from the defense.

Rolling with Antony was easily my high point. I forced myself into his guard as I wanted to work from there. He hit a nice hip bump sweep and raped me from mount. He tried for an armbar but I popped my elbow out as the bell went off.
The next two rolls were great. Passed into north/south and controlled him for a good bit. Locked in a kimura and waited for him to react. Hit a sweet transition to his back. Second roll I got caught in his half guard and worked to free my leg. Casey mentioned that my control of Antony was fantastic, and he really liked the smooth transition. Win.

Did some conditioning after. Felt like crap, but great night of jitz.

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