Sunday, March 27, 2011

Training Log -- 3/27: My Face Hurts

Fundamental class was me and Josh. Worked some half guard stuff, such as the overhook sweep, old school sweep, and plan B sweep. Flow rolled after.

Main Class was me, JC, Antony and Brian. We did the chinstrap choke, Marcello Garcia-gripped guillotine, and arm-in chinstrap choke. Started rolling and got caught a few times with some chokes, wristlock (...) and a armbar. I managed to rearrange my face on some T-shirt material, so now it looks pretty fucked up. Great Success.

Antony caught me with a guillotine and a nice textbook triangle which I have no excuse for being caught in. I played a more offensive game and was able to answer back with an armbar and straight ankle lock. This means that my defensive game is a few notches below my offense. Gonna work on that.

Brian destroyed my life even more than in Gi. My neck now looks fucked up from avoiding one of his monster RNCs.

Working more side-control escapes and half guard sweeps is on the agenda. Will be out next Friday, which is mildly annoying but whatever. I've included a sweet pic of my face (for the record, since this is my training log).

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