Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training Log -- 3/20

I hate no-gi.

Did some guard passes early on and worked on the technicalities of the scissor sweep. Flow rolled (rape rolled) and got airplaned on. Main class we did some shoulder lock that I didn't absorb too well, reverse armlock from guard, and some other stuff that didn't seem pertinent to me at the moment.

Focused hardcore on working sweeps and guard passing. Got a few guard passes, but nothing too advanced because the people I was rolling with don't have decent guard retention just yet. Hit several scissor sweeps and 1 half butterfly sweep.

Did some thinking about the type of game I want to play with, since I'm probably at the point in my training where I know enough to go into matches with "bread and butter" stuff. I really like the spider guard and I'm going to be working a ton of it in the coming weeks. As for no-gi, I'm not sure yet. It's gonna be a while before my comfort level gets anywhere near what it is in Gi, so we'll decide later on.

Going to continue to work guard sweeps, passing, half guard sweeps and side control escapes until Lutador. Should be feeling great by then.

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