Friday, March 25, 2011

Training Log -- 3/25

Started the evening with collar choke drills. Tons of great info which I ultimately did not have an opportunity to practice tonight...

Did the basic 4 fingers in choke, as well as the thumb in around the head, grab-the-gi-material, and some Machado 4-fingers choke with the other elbow in the opposite artery.

Rolled with Johnny, who mauled me. Did MUCH better than I did 6 months go when I rolled with him, and I knew the Anaconda Choke was coming and defended it well enough. He was real explosive and forced his way into side-control where he hit all (or most of) his subs from. Tons of keylocks.

Only had guard with his brother, Steven, who's 180lbs and wrestles. He had no gi, so thus, no gi chokes. He wrestlered me but jumped into mount, where he usually does nothing. He tried for an armbar but botched it.

Rolled finally with a large white belt whose name escapes me. He weighs around 220lbs I think, and at that point I was thoroughly gassed. I got a sweep but couldn't do much as he ragdolled me. Couldn't submit me, though. I wanna roll with him when I'm fresher, because I think I can do much better, positionally speaking.

Got clocked with Josh's fist while avoiding a collar choke early on, so I got a sweet fat lip and also a matching black-ish eye from gi abrasion.

Gassed pretty bad, but good experience with some of the larger jiu jitsu guys.

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