Friday, March 4, 2011

Training Log -- 3/4

Went over the basics today. Got the most out of side control review, because side control is probably my weakest position. Rolled with a new guy who was slightly goon-ish for a high school wrestler. Triangled him pretty easily, but apparently I wasn't supposed to go for

Drilling went well. Armbarred people and then got tapped by Josh with some collar choke I totally didn't see coming. It pretty much raped my windpipe, so gonna have to look into that further.

Techniques were some guard passes which are ALWAYS good for me to re-learn. Mostly a collar grab, elbow in thigh nerve to break the closed guard, and then the usual pass. Gonna try to work these more often for experience.

Did some "light" rolling with Drake, who's pretty young, and JC. Worked sweeps with Drake and did whatever I wanted. Helped him out a bit with triangle defense, like protecting the arm, and armbar escapes. With JC I hit a bunch of subs for the first time in a while, since I usually just steamroll on him and win on points (probably like 14-0...). Armbarred and keylocked him. Took his back but was tired from the previous 2.5 hours of rolling. Overall, pretty satisfied with today's work.

My leg is still busted up, but I can roll fairly easily still. Put on 4 pounds thus far and I am continuing to push for between 2800-3000 calories a day. Goal weight is 155 currently.

Weight training begins tomorrow. Trying to have a programmed designed for me by my roommate who's in strength and conditioning.

Ideal would be 155 pounds, then cut weight for my competition in April (which I'm still not 100% on taking) down to 149 and compete as a featherweight. We'll see what happens here. Motivation is a massive factor and unfortunately, I fucking despise weight training.

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