Friday, March 18, 2011

Training Log -- 3/18 and UFC 128 Predictions

Today I was back at the gym after 5 days of "spring break". Arrived at 6pm for the fundamental class, of which I was the only one who showed. Drilled a guard pass and guard sweeps, including a half butterfly and spider guard sweep. Continued with some flow rolling with Josh and generally felt good going into the main class at 7:30.

Main class was small. We did a lapel choke from guard, armbar using the lapel, and Brabo choke with the lapel. Drilled a bit with Josh and Drake. Got murdered for the most part, but I think the guard passing is coming along nicely. I feel less panicky inside guard, and I feel like if I stop obsessing on subs from guard, there are usually sweeps waiting to be taken.

Rolled with Josh, Drake, and Coe, who's the 200+ pound purple belt assistant BJJ instructor. Got tossed around by Josh and mauled by Coe. Almost hit an armbar on Coe when I scrambled and he fell into a triangle set up, but he powered through it into side control and I couldn't finish it.

Pretty awesome night, and the extra drilling and flow rolling helped a lot. If I can up my sweep percentage, I might consider exclusively pulling guard at Lutador instead of going to the takedown.

UFC 128 is tomorrow, and it's going to be a great card. The main event is Bones Jones against Shogun Rua, and it should be quite entertaining. Here are my predictions:

Shogun by TKO. Jones is a great fighter with tons of potential, but he's MUITO ARROGANTE and Shogun is going to school him on how to fuck up the program. I expect Jones's chicken legs to get muay thai'd until he crumbles.

Faber by RNC. Faber will try to strike with Wineland, but eventually the fight is going down and he should have no problem locking that up.

Marquardt by decision. Yawn.

Schaub by KO. Cro Cop is old and he's got nothing for Schaub. Schaub should hit harder and faster. Crop Cop should look to hit one last LHK, just for nostalgia.

Jim Miller will probably win, but I don't really care. Kinda pissed that Benavidez's fight is unaired. Also, war Batman!

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