Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training Log -- 3/30

Pretty much an easy-going night of jits.

Started out with more on the omoplata series we did a few months back. The sequence is break posture --> reach over their arm --> under your own leg --> grab the back of their collar. From here you can control them easily and work for an armbar, triangle, or an omoplata. I really liked these techniques and they stuck with me for a while in pretty good detail, though I haven't put them to practice yet because I've been working a lot on solidifying the basics. I'm definitely going to explore these in detail after Lutador.

Rolled with JC, Katie, Drake, and Antony. I felt EXCELLENT just going super slow and working mostly positions with the occasional submission. I worked from inside Antony's closed guard and was very conscious of my arms, neck, where I posted my legs and how far I shifted back. After he tried for a few sweeps and couldn't get one, he went into some great collar choke attempts that Josh showed us. I stayed aware of his intentions and tried to pass his guard, but his constant fussing with my sleeves and collar prevented most offense. He eventually hit a thumb-in choke which I knew was coming but he hit it really well. Actually, he said it was some kind of modified choke (not thumb-in) but whatever it was, it was awesome. The collar choke series is also fantastic and I'm going to work that into my game after Lutador as well. Even though collar chokes are less effective at higher levels, they open up a ton of joint-lock and sweep opportunities.

Working up less of a sweat since going really slow and careful. I think everything is coming along nicely and I feel a solid improvement in my game.

Out on Friday due to the Six Flags trip (provided it isn't canceled), but we're meeting tomorrow for open mat, which for me should help my half guard and side control reversals. They're the one thing I want to work on before competition.

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