Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Training Log -- 3/23: Sweeps

No new techniques today, just armbars, triangles, kimuras and collar chokes from guard, some sweeping work, takedowns and pulling guard.

Worked sweeps the best I could today. Rolled with Josh, Antony and Brian. Tried to take it real slow with Antony and did well. Brian out-muscled me, Triangle Choked Vertebrate-Crushed me, armbarred me and just generally raped my life. Hit a SWEEP from side control on Josh, which was the highlight of the otherwise uneventful evening. Got rear-naked jaw crushed by him but held out relatively well while he dominated on points.

Goals are to continue perfecting sweeps, work side control positional improvement, and play with more Spider Guard. Definitely progressing nicely and feeling good about Lutador.

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