Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

So, spring break is largely uneventful. Expected. Mostly spending time with the family and helping out around the house. Oh, and relaxing.

I'm pretty pissed off that I'm missing BJJ on Sunday and Wednesday, what with Lutador approaching and all (April 9th). Consequently, I am forced to analyze my game and decided where I need improvement the most before competition.

There are two main areas that I believe are too weak and must be improved prior to Lutador. They are:

1. Guard Passing
2. Guard sweeps

I believe that these weaknesses will end up costing me points and potential wins, so I need to work on them DILIGENTLY when I return. The only submission that should be attempted from guard while I fine-tune these positions is the climbing armbar, which should end up being a high percentage attack when I master it.

Diet and strength are both stagnant and I doubt I will see significant improvements in either before it's competition time. That doesn't mean I wont be working on them, though. I think if I get my ass in gear, then come NAGA time in July (if I decide to compete there), my body will likely resemble an Adonis of some sort.

I've been tossing around ideas for D'Arce/Brabo and Anaconda chokes. Mostly seeing some new positional opportunities for arm-triangle variants. I think head/arm chokes are arguably the most under-utilized submission and I want to explore them a bit more.

Looking forward to going fishing some time in the next couple weeks. Nothing like some time in the warm weather near a [preferably isolated] body of water. Also getting HYPED for UFC 128, which will undoubtedly be epic. Fight predictions will come later in the week, but I've begun to favor Shogun for the victory. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he hit a kneebar or something awesome like that.

I end this update with Kris's FotH (Fight of the Hour), a legendary ground war featuring everything from toe-holds to sloppy armbars and beyond. Seriously, this is crazy shit. I will probably plug it on facebook too, since I know some weirdos don't read my blog yet (ignorance is not stupidity).


  1. Were you in class for the anaconda and d'arce stuff Friday?

    I'll help you rock the guard passing when you get back and we'll find you a sweep that you feel comfortable with and you can start working the fuck out of it.

  2. yeah I really like the sprawl --> d'arce. i feel like it hit the giftwrap sweep like half-assed most of the time, which kinda results in an armbar attempt