Friday, March 11, 2011

Training Log -- 3/11

Went early to class and worked on some guard passing and pulling guard. Main class, we did some takedown review. Standard double leg, single leg, and sprawl---> d'arce choke.

Rolled with Steven, a 180lb high school wrestler and Brian the ammy MMA fighter. Steven did wrestler-y things to me, such as plowing into side control, jumping into mount and holding me down. He tried for an armbar but it was terribly sloppy and I easily got out. I think he has some great potential, especially with his wrestling background, but he needs to stop focusing mainly on that when in BJJ class and work on submissions.

Brian ragdolled me as usual, choking me 10000 different ways. I got a kimura on his arm and used the leverage to attempt an armbar, but he landed against the wall and flung himself backwards, managing to stack the shit out of me until I let go.

It's easy to feel defeated after getting raped, but the reality is, for a 145lb guy I'm doing fine. I can't expect to be close to even with a guy who's got more BJJ experience, MMA experience, and 30+ pounds of muscle on me. Nor can I expect to even the playing field against a wrestler with more weight than me. If I keep everything in perspective, I'm doing fine.

Did some conditioning afterward, which left me largely in pain and exhausted.

Off to spring break, which will consist of me eating less (go figure) and missing Sunday and Wednesday. I hope to get back in gear when I return and start my weight training.

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