Sunday, February 27, 2011

Training Log -- 2/27

Interesting night. Went in early to work on armbars from guard, transitions to triangles, and back to armbars off failed attempts. Worked on securing an underhook, lifting the hips up on the opposite end, and threatening the opposing arm.

Began regular class with some work from side control. Mostly variations of faking knee-in-belly, grabbing the defending arm, and taking high mount (s-mount...) for a triangle choke. Variations included a ridiculously tight armlock and rolling over to guard for a finish. I foolishly paired up with Brian, a freakishly strong Muay Thai vet and MMA fighter. His side control was painful to say the least, and he didn't really need to lock in the triangle for me to tap to cup-in face pain. Great chiropractic treatment, and for free!

Rolled with Ankur once, who I did OK against, warding off submission attempts and generally trying to protect my arms from his whip-like, Gumby-esque limbs. Also rolled with Andrew, who steam-rolled me with superior speed and wrestling (if needed).

Had a new guy who was stupidly strong and outweighed me. Drilled with him from top side-control and almost lost position as he damn near threw me away. Transitioned to an armbar and flung him down for a loud "TAP!" Rolled with him, and really wanted to work on the underhooked armbar from guard, but the dude insisted on going into BEAST MODE every time, using some kind of Brian-strength. He caught me with some kind of pseudo jaw-crusher which I shouldn't have tapped to, but it fucking hurt. At that point I shifted to a defensive game, stalking him on one knee with a leg out for bait. He fell into it twice, and I pulled an easy high guard and arm barred him. The second armbar saw him lift me off the ground and attempt to powerbomb me Rampage style. I released the submission for the sake of my vertebrates.

Closed out the evening with a crazy roll with Brian. He shit on my life with infinite beast mode and triangles everywhere. I have no answer for "GSP thighs" around my arteries. The highlight came from another defensive roll with him, as I was somehow able to keep him from passing guard and stay conscious of his arms. I nearly locked in a triangle with my less dominant side, but knew I wouldn't be able to finish the choke against his massive neck. I was able to pry his arm down and hit a textbook armbar from a failed choke. He stacked the shit out of me and I eventually let the lock go. Minor victory.

I left after that with symptoms best described as lactic acidosis. Fun night, though.


  1. Fucking awesome dude. You were hitting the armbars and the two things that happened to stop you from finishing are both things we're covering next sunday. Also, I'm looking forward to rolling with this new super powered guy...

    Also, you left out the most important part of the fundamentals class, the lesson in trashtalk 101.>:)

  2. yeah I'm familiar with the leg grab. should have used it but i was too focused on controlling his strength.

    definitely need to drill how to avoid stacking.