Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFC 126 Predictions

This is going to be the best fight card since UFC 100. Soooo pumped! Some quick picks:

Silva with a TKO over Belfort. This is a toughy because I *really* like Belfort and I feel like his hands can put away Silva and take the 185 crown. BUT, Silva has some great fight IQ and I think he will push Belfort against the cage and take him out with some brilliant clinch work. Ala Franklin, I suppose.

Franklin with a decision over Griffin. "Ace" has some fantastic hands, and everyone knows Forrest's striking is mediocre at best. I see some superior boxing from Franklin on the OUTSIDE of the pocket. Think GSP v. Koscheck II.

Rocha with a submission over Ellenberger. This fight goes to the ground and Ellenberger gets schooled. Rear-Naked Choke is a strong possibility.

"Bones" Jones with a stoppage over Bader. I would NOT bet money on this, and I honestly am not sure who would take this. I would guess Bones outsrikes Bader and (somewhat) easily stuffs his takedowns. Bones is an enormous dude and his striking should reflect his size.

Torres with a submission over Banuelos. Torres should be the quicker man and he will overwhelm Banuelos until the fight hits the floor. Another possible Rear-Naked Choke.

As for the prelims, Cerrone should have another good showing. Mendes will decision us to death again, and "Kid" Yamamoto will make a successful UFC debut.

"Cake" Ruediger will lose again and be cut. Finally.

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