Sunday, February 6, 2011

126: The Aftermath

UFC 126 was everything I hoped it would be. There are a few things that I have been mulling over:

1. Silva-GSP is VERY possible. GSP is a nice guy and all, but there is no way in hell he outclasses Anderson Silva. Silva is bigger, quicker, and a Muay Thai wrecking machine. GSP has some excellent, crisp boxing, but his Muay Thai is nothing for Silva. Naturally, the more complete striking art will prevail. On top of that, Silva's reflexes are just not human. GSP Gets TKO'd or KO'd in brutal fashion, and Silva officially becomes the baddest man on the planet - and the REAL baddest man, not the fake one like Brock Lesnar. As a side note, I think the UFC should vote to retire nicknames like sports teams do numbers. Nobody else is worthy of ever calling themselves "The Spider".

2. GSP-Shields. I'm an actual educated MMA fan, so I don't buy into hype. Shields is not the "toughest opponent to date" for GSP, like Belfort never had anything for Silva. GSP will Koscheck the shit out of Jake Shields' face.

3. Which tattoo will Rich Franklin be getting? Haha.

4. Jon Jones takes out Mauricio Rua before the championship rounds. Yeah, I said it. Jones will go on to become a staple in the P4P top 3, and he will rule the Light Heavyweight division like Silva runs Middleweight and GSP owns Welter.

5. "Mighty Mouse" has a new fan. The dude is a firecracker!

6. Within the next year, it seems to me like the Bantam and Feather divisions will be looking like the Lightweight division. They are coming along very nicely.

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