Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in Jiu-Jitsu

Yesterday was my 3rd day back in a row after my long layoff from the ringworm on my leg. There were a few points from yesterday that I need to address:

1. My cardio is not really that bad. While it can certainly be better, by no means is it *horrible*.

2. Weight training. I need to get back into this, asap.

3. Fun times with wrestlers and baseball players. We had 2 new guys come in yesterday. One had a small wrestling background and was a solid, muscular build, and the other was a baseball player with a similar frame. Both were roughly my height. They were fucking strong. We did some drilling and one guillotined me when he moved from side-control to mount. I guess it got his confidence up, having subbed me from a side control position. Thing is, I suck from that position. But I guess that's what drilling is for. So, I need to work more on side control escapes. After that, we rolled, and both guys just figured they would do whatever. I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything, because I'm just a white belt. But I do like to help out some newer guys with tips that were given to me. One big one was "never attempt submissions when inside someone's guard". The wrestler guy tried to keylock me and I warned him. He proceeded to try to pass but got caught in a triangle and stuck his arm out to defend. He got armbar'd. The baseball guy had the mentality of "what the fuck do you know" and he ignored my advice to not attack from guard. He tried to keylock me and got swept/armbar'd. He was a bit too cocky to tap so I might have hyperextended his elbow. Whatever.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with my performance against people who were much stronger than I was. But this was a great lesson that I need to take weight training somewhat seriously if I expect to compete and do well.

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