Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ringworm is a bitch. I have been out of commission now for 3 weeks with a nasty infection on my right shin. 2 silver dollar-sized circles appeared and got progressively worse over a 3 day time-frame, despite my Lotrimin AF application before the rings completed formation. In fact, they weren't even rings; the area was complete filled in, and thoroughly disgusting. I am usually quite anal about cleaning myself after training, but apparently that has nothing to do with it, if someone else is infected and inconsiderate. I will be looking to pick up some anti-fungal soup for the future.

I saw a doctor after a week of the Lotrimin not doing anything, and the itch was unbearable, so I figured some prescription goodies wouldn't hurt. The idiot gave me some Nystatin ointment, which apparently isn't an ideal remedy. My mother is quite familiar with Nystatin, as she suffered from debilitating Candida when she was younger and she basically cured herself. I can agree with her feeling that doctors are fucking imbeciles, as after a week of this "treatment" I noticed no change -- in fact, I didn't even feel like the ointment was doing anything, as the general idea is to dry the area out and I noticed no drying effect, either.

At this point I took matters into my own hands and tried some other remedies that were easily accessible. Using common sense (read: not pouring bleach on my skin), I applied tea tree oil for 3 days and noticed a lightening and flaking of the area. I seems as though tea tree oil is a damn good fix for Tinea infections.

I saw one more doctor who provided a misdiagnosis for an unrelated issue (moron). I did however, receive a prescription for something I ASKED FOR EXPLICITLY -- Ketoconazole cream, which is the be-all, end-all for topical ringworm rape.

After about a week using both the oil and cream, I see a huge difference and I am feeling like I will be heading back to the gym soon.

All in all, a great learning experience, although frustrating. I'm certainly glad I didn't get some other mat-related goodness like MRSA.

The moral is: doctors are retarded. If you want something done right, use common sense and the internet. Roll on!

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