Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fight for the Troops

Last night was a great night of fights as the UFC held their second Fight for the Troops event. Some thoughts:

Pat Barry is a funny motherfucker, and I'm definitely a fan of his personality and kickboxing skill; however, he fights like he doesn't give a shit. I don't know if he's more a journeyman or something, but his fight with Cro Cop was a joke, what with the high-fives and hugs throughout. They might as well have made out. I mean, there were pretty much fucking tears in Barry's eyes while he got punched in the face by Mirko. It was very gay.

This fight was kinda the same in terms of Pat's lackadaisical attitude, but minus the gay. He kept his hands down and let the retard "Mexicutioner" bloody his visage. Sure, he raped Beltran's leg/knee to the point of there *maybe* being serious damage, but otherwise it was a tired performance. Pat will need to shape up if he wants to compete with the top UFC heavies. In fact, maybe cut weight like a normal fighter and compete at LHW. I don't know. But I'm still a fan.

Hominick gets a title shot after some great technical striking TKOs George Roop. I don't care how good a striker Hominick is; Aldo will destroy him with viscous kicks and knees before the third round is over.

UFC LW picture: Evan Dunham got DEMOLISHED by a striker who was on another level of skill. Guillard was absolute fire last night and he made Dunham, a top 10 LW, look like an amateur fighter.

The problem here is that Dana White and Joe Silva FUCKED UP ROYALLY by giving a rematch to Maynard. He failed to beat Edgar, he doesn't get the belt. End of discussion. Now that division is OVERLY STACKED and as Rogan puts it, "nearly unmanageable". I really don't get why they're giving Maynard a rematch. I feel like since I'm just a fan, that I generally don't know what I'm talking about with regard to management decisions -- but this is beyond me! It made no sense and fucked up the Lightweight division big time.

Cody McKenzie's ground game sucks dick. Get back to the mats, and for fuck's sake, IMPROVE YOUR STRIKING. One more chance?

Cut Tim Hague. Mitrione is awesome.

Cut Campuzano.

Also, apparently Mike Brown lost to Rani Yahya. Color me shocked.

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