Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Training Log -- 4/6: Mock Tournament

Today was interesting because we had so many lightweights that we were able to do some great competition prep in the form of a mock tournament. Two people were paired up and points were called out. This gave me a newer perception of how to play the "game" of jiu-jitsu, which is something we don't do too much. Pretty much, I needed to work some strategy on getting points, and I'd say I did very well.

Shot a double, some singles, and pulled guard twice. Antony gave me the hardest time, and he also confirmed my suspicion that he wasn't giving me 100% all this time. It was nice to roll with him and know he was putting effort into trying to maul me. I worked a bit too much open guard, which is something to note for Saturday. I had some great scrambles and even took him down with a sweet ankle-pick in the middle of our first match. I passed guard and he took advantage of a kimura opportunity, which I fended off until the end. Our second match had me pressed down in mount, but I scrambled out the back door and got back to my feet.

I was really satisfied with my technical ability, and the work done today actually eased some nerves for this weekend.

I'm ready for war! And medals :D

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