Friday, April 15, 2011

Training Log -- 4/15

Went to the fundamental class at 6pm and worked with Josh on guard breaks, passing and sweeps. Flow rolled after. Main class's techniques were bicep slicers. Mostly stuff I'm very familiar with, such as the slicer from guard, the slicer sweep and the submission off the sweep.

Rolled with the kiddies and Coe threw himself into the mix. He took it easy on me but a 220lb Alliance purple belt is still a lot to handle even at half his actual ability. I managed to play from guard for a bit and recompose or escape when necessary. He still got some shin action into my ribs and such, but I did pretty well considering. Also had a body lock and a toe hold attempt at one point, though I couldn't finish it.

Pretty dead after 3 hours of rolling and my fingers are red and slightly mutilated from all the gi grips, but overall this was a great night. Feel like I'm progressing really nicely, and Coe seemed impressed as well.

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