Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training Log -- 4/30

Arrived at the 6:00 class but Josh didn't show. Watched the Hapkido idiots flail about in the opposite gym and then Brian arrived. He ended up convincing me to hit some pads around, so I worked on some Muay Thai kicks and knees.

Main class we worked on some spider guard escapes and grip breaks. One was shifting back and grabbing under your opponent's calf and jolting them up, pressing their knees and legs back to their ears (without forcing them to turtle). Then you take side control. Another one was stepping over with a leg and sitting down to take side control, and the final was shifting them to one side while you're standing and stepping one leg all the way over and sitting down. Looked like there was a variety of armbars/kneebars, etc from here so it looked cool.

Rolled with Antony and Cam, who's a 200lb white belt with Gracie Combative training from the army. I wasn't sure how much this would help him, but it translated to above average armbar defense. I worked on a bunch of submissions from guard and was able to attempt at least 5 armbars, only one of which he failed to defend. Hit the bicep slicer sweep into mount, framed a triangle and rolled back for a triangle finish. Also hit a nice sit-up sweep and went for a modified bow & arrow before the round ended. Antony was awesome tonight. He swept me a bunch and kept me scrambling. I was unable to pass his guard tonight but held my own and wasn't in any immediate danger of being subbed.

Also, today is the 30th, which marks the 1 year anniversary of me beginning BJJ. Hurray!

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