Sunday, April 10, 2011


Headed out to Cobb Civic Center and arrived around 11:00am. I ended up waiting about 3 hours until my first match as they were running way behind. I drew a wrestler who was fucking huge, and all he did was double leg me and pretty much lay there huffing and puffing. My gi match was a decent Brazilian fellow who was quite a bit stronger than me. He had trouble sweeping me but had several collar choke attempts as well as an armbar. I worked out of the armbar and had decent positioning, but the ref was shitty and stood us up. He eventually mounted me and I tapped to a sleeve choke toward the end of the match.

Overall, the experience was pretty miserable. We were there waiting for our matches for nearly 8 hours and the whole place was running behind. I was exhausted by the end of he day and I'd say it had some effect on my final match. Not to make any excuses though, because I didn't go in there and do what I had hoped.

Lutador taught me that if I'm going to compete, I need to take it as seriously as any professional fighter would. That means weight training, cardio, and a weight cut. Next time I'll be super prepared so I can combine my BJJ skill with other aspects of combat sport competition.

Not many glaring problems in my game, so it's more along the lines of "back to the gym" to work on general improvement and my known weaknesses.

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