Saturday, July 30, 2011

Training Log -- 7/29

Fun night of mostly rolling. Went in at 6pm and rolled with Josh for about an hour. Tried to work some stuff that I had stewing in the back of my mind and eventually put together a nice Sickle sweep I recalled from a BJJWeekly video. Seems simple and straight forward and definitely a nice addition to my attacks on a standing opponent. There's a nice work-in with that involving hooking the back of the knee which I'm gonna go over again.

We went over some Tornado guard stuff which was interesting. Seemed to get the sweep *somewhat* down, if not a bit awkward. I flowed into the triangle one time out of nowhere, but we couldn't figure out the sequence of events leading up to it. Gotta go back and watch the video again and work on it further, cause it's a great position to have available, if for nothing more than simple guard re-composure. Some things that are slowly improving are my thinking and balance. Still finding myself in positions where I KNOW what's coming, but I get hit with sweeps anyway. Muffed up the butterfly pass for a second time, once again due to my rush to pass. Gotta sloooowww downnn. Play Jiu Jitsu, not fight Jiu Jitsu.

Main class was Ian, Casey, Coe, and Ian's kid Drake and his friend Alan. Kati's friend was there, too. We did some more techniques from "Z" Guard, including a triangle combination to Scorpion Lock, Omoplata backwards roll into side control (if they muscle up on you), and a back-take from cross sleeve grip. Drilled from half guard a bit and had some more problems with the distribution of my body weight. Again, slowly improving. Rolled and killed the kids for shits n giggles while Coe came in to maul them, too. He proceeded to mock Tornado guard and how it doesn't work because I couldn't sweep his 220lb frame over me. We rolled while he shit on my life and I struggled to not get my organs crushed. Then worked some deep half stuff, specifically the armbar from there. Great night overall, but the hours of straight rolling left me sore as hell. Resting up today and icing my joints and contusions.

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