Monday, August 1, 2011

Training Log -- 7/31

Went in at 6 and was happy to see some of the kids and Ian there as well. We drilled escapes from knee on belly, side control, half guard, mount and north/south. Flow rolled with the kids and lastly with Ian. We finished up at 7 and I relaxed a bit until the main class.

For the first time I think, main class was pretty much straight rolling with an emphasis on working on stuff we need to improve upon. Rolled with JC, Brian, Vinnie (a muay thai guy with some mid-blue belt BJJ experience), and a girl Amanda who does Muay Thai but apparently had some BJJ experience from a few years back. I was able to work for 90% of the time on top of JC, switching from mount/side control/north-south before hitting a keylock and getting a somewhat rare tapout from him. Messed around a lot with butterfly hooks on Amanda and tried to really pace myself, monitor my breathing and generally not burn energy while flowing through techniques. Brian steamrolled me like usual but I can definitely see my improvements when I train with him. I almost passed his guard and took a front headlock, but didn't base out and had him gator roll me onto my skull using patented "Brian Strength" which sucked really bad. Vinnie didn't murder me too bad, but I expect he was going maybe 60% with me. At one point he heel hooked me HARD and I felt it in my knee. Gave him the "you should know better" look and he obviously felt like shit.

This morning my knee was awkward so I braced it while I walked around campus. It's feeling better and should be fine in a couple days, so luckily no major ACL injury. My shins and kneecaps are still purple.

I'm thinking of taking a small amount of initiative and changing my diet. I think my recovery is being affected by my laziness and I'm concerned about my overall health, in general. I still eat a lot of fast food, especially after training. Coupled with immediately going to sleep, I'm getting heartburn in addition to being hurty in the morning. I think the main goal is going to be cutting down on fast food. Greasy and fried stuff in particular.

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