Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Training Log -- 8/24

AWESOME night on the mats. Techniques were:

- counter to underhook escape from side control. Take the whizzer and hop around their head to take their back.

- From this position, grab around their neck and take their collar. Grip their pants and lean back for the modified Bow and Arrow choke. Alternatively, don't grab their leg and instead use that arm to go behind their head for more choking pressure.

- armbar from this position.

Drilled with JC, Katie, new dude Michael, Antony and lastly Coe, because he insisted on rolling with people 80lbs lighter than him. I ran my mouth as usual and thus got the knee-in-ribs treatment from him. New dude kept telling me how to complete an armbar and choke during drilling, which was kinda getting on my nerves. Nonetheless I stayed quiet with him until rolling, where I swept and armbarred him from mount. He waited too long or maybe tried a bad escape which got his arm cranked more than he liked. Again swept him, tried for the same armbar but he turned into it. But instead of faceplanting I hit a sweeeeeet shoulder roll sending him upward and over, right into the armbar. He pounded the mat in frustration. Gotta love seeing that lol.

Antony was a blast and brought some very nice standing pass attempts to the table, which is different because Josh rarely passes standing with me. Antony hit me with a NICE "modified De La Riva", as he described it, but I tried to remain composed and prevent the pass. Recomposed guard and tried for a Sickle Sweep and also the butterfly hook variant of that sweep, but he saw it coming and stepped back with his lead foot. I took the single and reversed the position into his guard, but I don't think he fought the single leg too much anyway.

Overall I played a ton of top game and thus my body isn't as sore as usual. No guard passes on me and never really in a bad situation. Good progress. I tried for one of those rolling toeholds on Michael but as he defended I recalled my goals from Sunday and took top control. So yeah, good stuff.

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