Thursday, August 18, 2011

Training Log -- 8/17

Well most of my injuries had healed, so that's good. Wednesday's class was speed armbars, more technical armbars, and armbars using your opponent's lapel -- all from guard. Rolled with JC, Steven and a newer guy named Michael who claimed he had been training at a Karate school (sounded McDojo-ish) and won 2 NAGA tournaments. He was a good bit stronger than me, maybe 170lbs, but the only thing he pulled off was tossing me off mount and coming back into my guard. He gassed me out BAD but I armbarred him from mount, Kimura from North/South and took a toehold off a scramble. Not too bad.

I've been laying off the fast food and I think I feel a bit better. Weight is maybe a little over 145 now, which is good. Not much else to report on. Oh, and my right ring finger is still jammed.

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