Monday, August 22, 2011

Training Log -- 8/21

Rolled with Josh at 6pm and had a few good rolling toeholds, straight ankle locks and guillotines. Actually hit a d'arce off a front headlock, which is a first for me because I'll usually look to take the back off that position. I feel like my leg locks are getting really good, particularly the toehold. I'm going to try going for them less at this point so I don't get too hung up on lower body submissions.

We had a massive main class for the first time in forever. We had a couple ammy fighters come in from Jefferson to work on their ground game before the fights at Bad Manor (see bottom of post for information). One is a 140lb guy who will be fighting Ralph from Hardcore Gym. He was a really nice dude and it looks like he'll be joining us from now on. There was the other new guy Michael who is kinda spazzy still, and a couple bigger guys who I didn't roll with. There was also that kid Sean who I remembered as the guy I choked unconscious back in October. Fun times! Well, for me, anyway.

Rolled with JC, Josh, Sean, Michael, and that fighter. I think his name was Paul. His jits isn't too bad, but his guard retention is his biggest weakness. I had little problem passing into side control and shifting around between there and North/south. I think his best bet is to stand with Ralph because he's gonna get owned otherwise. I haven't seen Ralph roll but he's a purple belt and this guy is still white belt level.

I had a similar situation with Michael but he had an easier time muscling me around so I mostly played from my back while threatening with armbars and chokes. Sean ended up being player's choice so I subbed him from anywhere I wanted.

We did "Octopus Guard" which is eduardo telles's game. I was actually 100% unfamiliar with it so it was awesome to check out some stuff I'd never seen before, including anywhere on the net. There was a back-take, shoulder lock, and sweep into mount using a butterfly hook.

Anyone who is Athens and would like to see some great live MMA, Bad Manor will be hosting "Battle for Athens" or something to that effect. We have a few fighters from my gym competing so it's gonna be an awesome night. Check it out!

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