Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Training Log -- 7/13

So, a nice update on my gi situation: Keiko sent me a replacement. It was probably in their best interest because otherwise I would be forced to go New York on them and then they'd cry and replace it anyway.

Went over all the blue belt test material and then drilled from various positions like knee-in-belly, back mount and side control. Nothing too major to report except more calmness on my part while rolling which is great. I finished a bow and arrow on Josh one time when he usually escapes my back mount with relative ease, but the highlight of my night was a ridiculous De La Riva sweep I pulled completely out of my ass on him. Haven't done DLR work in well over a year, so me pulling off random shit that's legit just means I'm tying everything together and actively thinking through positions.

Damn near pulled off the half guard pass Casey showed us a few nights back (knee in belly while grabbing behind their neck, turn to your side and dig under their leg, using your own shin pushing to free your leg) but fell victim to the dreaded inverted triangle. Completely bullshit for me because I'm waayyy too familiar with that position as I attempt it on people all the time. Gotta remember to keep my head away from their legs so I don't get caught in that when my arm is already there.

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