Friday, July 22, 2011

Training Log -- 7/22

Worked some omoplata set-ups and finishes. Basic flattening them out before sitting up, using your instep as a choke alternative when you get perpendicular to them (as opposed to parallel for a traditional omoplata), and rolling forward when they roll, grabbing their opposite arm from behind and slowly shifting outward for the shoulder lock.

Antony was back which was a nice change, and we did a giant gauntlet. I worked a lot off my back, which is what I've been doing much more often lately. My guard is becoming very difficult to pass which is awesome, and I find that I much prefer open guard as opposed to closed. I feel like I'd rather not take a chance having my guard opened on their own accord, so I've been playing a lot of spider guard, following their hips and generally keeping them working for the pass. I've also started hunting down X-guard and De La Riva positioning. Safe to say I've improved a great deal off my back and sweeps are coming easier each time I roll.

My passing isn't half bad either. I'm going to start trying to pass more guard and get that up to speed while continuing to work sweeps and open guard progression.

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