Sunday, July 3, 2011

Training Log -- 7/3

Rolled with Josh at 6pm and worked some side control escapes a bit while he largely rolled on me. He uses combat base and knee-on-belly a lot and it's not something I'm used to, although I definitely should be more accustomed to it.

Main class we worked some Scarf Hold aka Kesa-Gatame subs. One was a neck crank of sorts, another was the straight armbar and the last was a keylock. With the exception of the neck crank, I was familiar with the other stuff from a class several months back, but tonight was a good opportunity to drill from Kesa, since it isn't a position I usually play in (although I sometimes find myself fighting out of it).

Rolled with a newer guy who I met last night. He's Ankur's friend and he's larger and stronger than me. He willingly went into my guard so I was able to impose my will the entire night with subs and sweeps.

Also rolled with Ian, which is something I don't do often. Ian is 6+ feet tall and probably over 200lbs, an ex-marine and cop. He's MUCH stronger than I will ever be, but I did surprisingly well against him tonight. He worked hard for his sweeps and sweated it out a bit in side control while I squirmed and tried to protect my arm, but he got it eventually. Our second roll he slowly rolled me into mount and I rolled him back and scrambled to guard with a butterfly hook in. He waited it out and tried to pass before exploding his skull into my lip trying to buck off my hook. Not a big deal, but I feel like this is huge wins for me for putting up a solid, well-thought out fight against a bigger and more skilled opponent.

In other news, my Keiko gi ripped and I raged on budovideos to replace it. They're "dealing with Keiko" so I will call on tuesday because there's no reason for a well-taken care of 3 month old gi to tear in the middle of the fucking material.

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