Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Training Log -- 6/1

Amazing night of Jiu Jitsu!

Went in a bit late and missed a guard pull --> back control sequence using X-guard (I think?) but not too sure. Went into some techniques from mount, all of which begin with a keylock attempt to illicit a response. From there, when they turn onto their side to defend, you take technical mount and take an armbar. If they defend by reaching under your leg, you have a mounted triangle available. If they defend with switching your leg over their head, you can sit down into side control or take the bicep crusher.

Did some drilling from mount. I escaped after some effort against Andrew, then did a great job of controlling him from mount before he ultimately escaped. My control has gone up exponentially, so I'm pretty happy about that. I noticed that whenever he came close to shrimping, I automatically went for a rodeo-type thing that I recall vaguely from a video I saw a while back. Basically, it's one arm under their head and the other arm hooking their leg from behind. You can use this to stretch them out and it makes it really fucking hard to create any space for escapes. Pretty sweet.

Rolled with Cam and Andrew. Almost nailed Cam with an armbar to start and then transitioned to an inverted triangle which I managed to finish with the choke. Second roll was fucking mint. I pulled guard and hit a pendulum sweep into mount, dismounted to side control, into north/south and finished with a kimura. Just pure, perfect control. Rolled with Andrew and almost hit an armbar from guard but ended up in a scramble, which I handled VERY nicely and managed to prevent a guard pass. We ended up in ankle lock position and I got the better of him for the tap. He had a kneebar but probably didn't realize that he could have tapped me with it.

My jiu-jitsu has come a very long way and I'm finding it much easier to sweep people and have my way with their limbs and neck.

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