Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Training Log -- 5/29

Worked on defending and securing armbars in the fundamental class. Main class involved the whizzer you get when your opponent tries to use a popular side control escape. One possibility is the D'arce choke, one is a VERY tight armbar which involved you swinging your far leg over the neck, and another option is an arm-in guillotine/finger choke using one butterfly hook and the other leg to prevent your opponent from flipping over.

Things to work on:

1. Breaking down opponent from guard. Too often I attempt to secure sloppy armbars and I throw my leg up for triangle chokes and get my guard passed way too much. This is a rookie mistake and there is no excuse for garbage submission attempts from guard anymore. In fact, I'd say out of all the times my guard is passed, 95% is because I'm trying to triangle a postured opponent. NO MORE!

2. Securing position before advancing for a submission or changing positions. Almost had a nice arm-triangle from north/south but like a buffoon I neglected to actually lock my hand to my bicep before shifting from side control. There is no need to scramble for position when it can be avoided by actually doing something correctly. 

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