Friday, May 27, 2011

Updates: 5/22, 5/25, 5/27

Had some computer problems for the past week, so updates were not high up on the priority list. Had some time off for the past couple of weeks and Sunday was my day back.


Rolled with Josh at the fundamentals class and went over the blue belt requirements. Feeling pretty good about everything so I don't think I'll have too hard a time passing the test. Casey was on vacation with his family, so Josh taught some butterfly stuff. One was an over/underhook sweep using one butterfly hook to lift your opponent toward their overhooked arm. Second sweep was double overhooks (usually a bi-product of losing a bid for underhooks) with the same leaning motion to lift your opponent over. Last was a "power" guillotine from double overhooks.


Did some leg locks with Coe, which means the material didn't sink in much...I recall some interesting stuff regarding X-guard, ankle lock opportunities and heel hooks. Josh went over a sweet counter to 50/50 guard which he got me with. It sucked pretty bad but definitely a great move to remember for the guys who love leg locks. Rolled with the 205'er Mark and couldn't do too much with him except keep him some what neutralized.


Big fundamental class so Josh went over some of the blue belt requirements. All the kids and Steven were largely ADD-ing all over the gym, so it wasn't a huge success for everyone. Went over some hip throws with Casey, triangles from guard and armbar grip breaks. Also went over an armbar --> triangle transition and nasty bicep crusher from juji gatame. Rolled with Josh and Grant, who's only in BJJ on occasion as he's more of a muay thai guy. Josh mostly rolled over me, but I did great against Grant with a few armbars and a sweet pendulum sweep to mount with an armbar finish.

All in all, I'm feeling ready for my blue belt. I think my biggest problem is still a lack of patience; that is, patience in knowing when to secure a position and patience when in a less-than-dominant position such as side control. I guess I'll calm down and be able to think things out as time passes, so no worries there.

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