Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Training Log -- 6/22

Back at the gym after taking a week off to rehab my thumb. It feels 80% better now, but I taped the shit out of it just to be safe. Ended up working great.

Did some ankle lock defense where you change the angle of your foot (opposite direction so you don't get heel-hooked) and also one where you push you opponent's knee down to the mat and sit on it until you have mount (or similar) and the threat of the lock is gone.

Also went over paper cutters from north/south and the modified keylock from the same position (where you sit out and bring your legs up over their body while pressuring their shoulder).

Rolled with Steven and a noob who trained at hardcore a while back. He really liked the atmosphere here and liked that the pricing wasn't the same as hardcore. Nice guy overall. I shared some pointers with him such as never to attack from inside someone's guard. He was a bigger fellow, maybe 200lbs-ish but he couldn't stop giving me his arm, so both our rolls became armbar clinics.

Steven got armbarred and then was able to mount me, but his nose bled all over and he had to tend to it. He easily mounted the new guy and with much encouragement was able to armbar him twice. Honestly, his wrestling is so polished that if he were to at least learn a few basic subs WELL from various positions, he'd be a pretty decent grappler without even going to the gym much.

Good night overall.

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