Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Training Log -- 6/8

Techniques tonight were from a seated position with you trying to pass guard. Your opponent is grabbing your pants at the knee region and you have their sleeves. You can grab cross-collar, post up with the same side knee as the arm you're using for the cross-collar, and baseball slide into side control. We also worked the finishing cross-collar choke from that position; grabbing material on the opposite side of the gi and getting the tap, and finally a Brabo choke by pulling their defending arm across their neck, driving down with your shoulder and pulling up on their collar for the tap. The last one required way too much effort as far as I'm concerned, so I do doubt I'll use that technique any time soon. There's also an armbar from there which requires less energy.

Rolled with Josh, JC and Andrew. JC, ironically, was the only one to tap me tonight while rolling....though he caught me in an ankle lock on my braced ankle. No bueno. Credit to him for also sleeve choking me though. Completely my fault for letting him pass guard.

Josh steamrolled me while rolling but I fended off subs. I was feeling the groove a bit more while drilling with trying to pass his guard. I think my offense is coming along real nicely, and as far as passing is concerned, I still have to work on opening crossed ankles. Once they open their guard I'm finding it easier to do work.

I was able to stay active with Andrew, controlling him in half-guard and nearly advancing to mount before the buzzer. Second round, he passed my guard and mounted me, but I hit a very nice escape/scramble before he took me back down and I attacked his leg before the buzzer but couldn't secure a winning round.

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