Monday, June 6, 2011

Training Log -- 6/3 & 6/5


Fundamental class on Friday consisted of Josh, Steven, me and Fausto. I haven't trained with Fausto since he left for Grad school around July of last year, which really means that I haven't trained with him since I was a noob of the purest order. I trained with him on Sunday the week prior and he definitely got the better of me without a gi, which is to be expected since my no-gi game is somewhat behind my gi game. Regardless, Friday's beginner class was pretty much straight rolling from the get-go. I got an ankle lock on Fausto, got wrestlefucked by Steven and steamrolled by Josh, as usual. I abandoned my sweep game and tried playing a bit more offensively with Fausto and saw some great results: guard passing, mount, side-control, north/south. Tried for an armbar from north/south but he defended well and I ended up in mount. It was, overall, a pretty nice night of control for me.

As the main class time approached I started to feel pretty crappy with cramping and exhaustion. Left a little into the main to rest up but had to take advil in the middle of the night for pain. Not sure what happened, but I felt (and still feel) like I got raped in an alley. Strange...


I intended to only go to one class because my injuries were still really nagging. Josh asked that I go and watch out for beginners since he couldn't make it. JC and Katie -- Casey's kids -- showed up and I had them shrimp and work on mount escapes and reversals as per Josh's request. I got in a bit and rolled a couple times at the end, but left as the main class started. I definitely need a few days to heal up. I have bruising all over my body and kneecaps, some sort of a strain in my left calf and a busted ankle which came about as a result of a shitty Peruvian Necktie attempt on Fausto on Friday when he flipped to escape and landed on my ankle. Definitely could have avoided it if I applied the submission properly, but whatever. Hopefully I'll be back in form for Wednesday.

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