Sunday, September 25, 2011

Progress -- 9/25

So I've been working on a few things, specifically the use of butterfly hooks. I think this is especially important in no-gi. I've noticed that there are a few things that are making me semi-suck in no-gi. One is my general lack of hook use, and the other is the fact that I don't change my game to compensate for lack of grips. Sure, in gi I have a collar to control in addition to arms, but in no-gi you have to do other shit. You need to establish body control with underhooks and overhooks, pay better attention to head control (since there's no collar) and use hooks effectively. You simply cannot use all the same grips. I'm looking to get better with no-gi now instead of chastising it like a bastard child. I'd like to make some of the UGA grappling classes and roll with a variety of people, and I think if I can get this going I will be really solid by year end.

On a similar note, I've been working the classic butterfly sweep a bit and I almost hit it today. I drove my leg to the sky but couldn't get my opponent's body to turn with it. I believe you have to drive it up and "over" your opponent's shoulder. My overhook was not bad.

This weekend was ADCC, the most prestigious no-gi tournament in existence. Unfortunately I didn't pay for it, but it seems that most matches were pretty badass. My boy Paul Harris fucked up some legs, pretty much heel hooking everything. The one guy he couldn't heel hook got kneebar'd like FUCK. Ol Treestump is definitely a retard of some nature. Here's some interesting shit he did this weekend:

Anyways I guess that's it mostly. I learned a nice arm triangle escape from Josh which will be immensely useful since I always get caught in those. Seriously, that's like 95 percent of the submissions I get stuck in.

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