Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tornado Guard Success!

Well last night was a really fun session consisting of a bunch of great lightweights to roll with. We drilled 6 alternatives to the failed scissor sweep, including the sleeve-switch sweep, a collar choke, omoplata option, and some others that I don't remember too well. We drilled from closed guard and I worked a ton of guard passing and sweeps. I found myself in half guard with plenty of space and remembered the option for Tornado guard. Basically, it worked nicely and I hit the sweep off it. I think it's definitely NOT a good option against opponents larger than you, but equal in size it can work nicely. Tried to be really technical and had some great, dominant rolls with everyone except Antony and Josh who usually take a lot out of me because they're better. Called out Coe like usual and tried shooting in for a double underhook pass which worked, but he's so good about stiff-arming me away from side control that I had to attack his foot for the toehold, which also worked. At this point Coe probably goes like 60% with me, but it's whatever. I feel like I have extra motivation to maintain guard or avoid sweeps because of his ~80lb weight advantage and the fact that the match is over as soon as he lays on me or goes to knee-on-ribs.

Nothing else to talk about. Oh, also hit a nice armbar from backmount. I guess as far as standing sweeps go, I'm gonna continue playing with the De La Riva hook and see how it improves my game.

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