Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad Manor FIghts and Wednesday Jits

So the fights were last friday and they were fucking excellent. This was my first live MMA experience and it was a good one. Thing is, I got there early and stood by the cage so the view was near perfect. I don't think I should hope to have such great "seats" all the time, so I guess the experience depends on that. We saw some great fights; 2 hard-fought decisions and 4 finishes, 3 of which were submissions. I hope Athens organizes fights again soon because I'd go as often as possible. And at 15 bucks, you can't go wrong.

Back on the mats yesterday, we worked a bunch of paper cutter attacks. I think I've blogged about most of these before. You start in side control, move to north/south and clear their near arm. Get an underhook, grip the back of their collar, then move back into side control and finish the choke. The variation was kesa to get the finishing grip, then basic side control.

We drilled from side control and I had little trouble pulling off escapes. I turtled against the new guy and hit a sweet "fat boy roll" -- over my own back into side control -- on the new guy, Michael. I rolled with him and pulled the same thing, then rolled with a new wrestler guy who pinned me down in side control with some sort of half nelson-ish maneuver. I turtled with him and hit the same escape, ultimately taking mount and hitting an armbar. From then on I worked full guard with him because those fucking wrestlers are great at passing guard. Hit a flower sweep into mount again. Rolled with Johnny and Coe who both raped my life, but that's obvious and fully expected. Johnny's top game is great and I have virtually zero opportunity to launch any offense against him.

Feeling really good on my escapes and my ability to reverse positions on people. I feel like I can compete with most newer blue belts now and there's no reason why I shouldn't be promoted. But still, no rush. As much as I hate being a white belt after almost a year and a half, I don't need the blue belt pressure just yet.

Gotta work on maintaining side control and launching subs from there. I have no problems changing positions but I want to work on that a bit.

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