Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Gi & Sunday No-Gi: 9/18

So on friday we had a smallish class. Casey went over some back attacks from double underhook control. First is, when your opponent has one arm up blocking access to the neck, you can grab their other arm and pull it hard across their body, which then frees up your other arm (the one on the same side of the arm you're pulling) for the choke. Second technique was the armbar on their lowered arm (not the one up protecting their neck), after you reach across and secure a figure-four grip and push their head down/bring your leg up and over. Third was pushing your arm under their neck-blocking arm, rotate your body and grab your other bicep for a back-mounted head-arm choke.

I got to roll with Casey which was fun. It's an interesting feeling knowing that not a single thing you do will work and you're going to get subbed or swept any second. It also sucks that you can't even bullshit stuff to throw him off. He got me with whatever he wanted, including a wristlock. Pretty much everything he gave me was a trap.

I've been using the lapel a lot to throw people off and it seems to work to some extent. I made a rage comic illustrating my strategy:

Only stayed for the fundamental class. Worked some half guard knee-through passes and the bottom of half knee bump --> single leg reversal.

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