Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UFC 155 Title Picture

So every once in a while, a division gets so stacked with potential #1 contenders that the title picture becomes a bit pissy. With the acquisition of the WEC, the lightweight division has gotten too swollen with angry people, and now someone is going to be extra pissed when they aren't given an immediate shot. Jim Miller called out the UFC after his win over Oliveira at UFC 124, practically demanding a title shot. Fuck Jim Miller. Kudos for the kneebar -- it could have been Sub of the Night if Bocek didn't hit that nasty mounted triangle -- but there are a couple of other guys that are STRONGLY in the mix as well. First off, Bocek has just called out Sotiropolous. They both have some mean BJJ, and as much as I love a great MMA grappling match, this just shouldn't happen now. G-Sot beat Lauzon and is STILL undefeated in the UFC. Instead of maybe throwing him to fucking Dennis Siver, he should have gone directly into a title eliminator against someone like Miller. Neither of these guys have strong records against top opponents, and there is no way Miller should be in the title picture just yet. As for Bocek, the man needs two more wins before he's considered for a title eliminator. Maybe only one more win if the division is less competitive and they need another contender.

1. Pettis fights the winner of Edgar v. Lay Praynard;
2. G-Sot fights Siver; if he wins....
3. G-Sot v. Miller (title eliminator)

Make it happen, Joe Silva.

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