Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best MMA Posters Ever

So, the UFC 127 Poster was just released, and I personally find it to be AWESOME. Not bad/cheesy/poorly planned....but awesome:

UFC  on that Starsky and Hutch shit....haha. AS REAL AS IT GETS.

This got me thinking about some other great MMA posters over the years. PRIDE was known for being super creative, and UFC should definitely take some ideas from them. Here are a few of my favs.

^ Why.
^ America should have one like this. Oh, the vulgarity!!!
^ Sperm??...I guess cuz it's Openweight...

Speaking of Openweight, when the fuck will the UFC add it? Maybe if the 135 and 145 divisions do well (obviously they will), we'll see this on the horizon. I'd much rather see some Openweight action instead of Flyweight. Lesnar vs. Aldo for the win. Though it would be like throwing Lesnar to the lions, so the UFC would never do that.

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