Sunday, December 5, 2010

NSAC Judging

As much as I dislike Nam Phan (mostly because I am not impressed with his skills) I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy last night after the judges gave the fight to Garcia. Nam was a more technical fighter and I can respect that. Garcia is just about as sloppy as can be. Nothing to be proud of there. All of his fights are the same: 1st round he lands some heavy shots, and after that he loses any and all ability to be accurate. This SHOULD be a call to get some legit judges for MMA, but I don't know how political the Commissions really are.

As a side note, Demian Maia was a pleasure (as always) to watch. Very technical, and great control of a much larger and lengthier opponent. I think as far as BJJ guys go, Maia has some of the best takedown ability around. I'm always a fan.

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