Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hermes Franca Gets Shafted Overseas

Hermes Franca fought for some shitty belt in Costa Rica, away from Athletic Commission regulation.

He won a unanimous judge's decison, and the ref raised his had as the winner and new champion. Then the promoter jumped in, said the other guy won, belted him and lifted him up. As seen in the video, the ref wanted none of this corruption.

Apparently, the other co-promoter is Lu Dwyer and she is a business partner with Ferrid Kheder. When he wins, she gets money. Obviously a conflict of interest and all-around scumbaggery. She turned Franca's loss into a NC a few days ago. How a fight can be ruled a NC without illegal groin strikes or other illegal (unintentional) methods, I don't know. Her Facebook lists some of her activities as "competing both lambos in car shows" and "taking my two Lamborghinis for a walk!!!". What a grimy cunt.

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