Sunday, June 17, 2012

Training at Alliance HQ: Final Week?

This was supposed to be my final week at Alliance and I woke up on Monday feeling like shit. I still don't know how I managed to work through half the week, but thankfully I didn't have to take time off from making money. I returned to training on Thursday.

The beginner class consisted of taking the back and getting the choke off a standing headlock attempt, then some guillotine options off a sprawl: standing by pushing your hips forward, or pulling guard by stepping on a foot so they can't walk around, then sitting back. Then we worked getting the flower sweep when they post up with the wrong foot to pass guard....although this is applicable to any flower sweep situation. This is one of my favorite high percentage sweeps so no problems there. I helped the white belt get the hip mechanics and then we worked the armbar off a failed flower attempt.

Main class was footlocks. First one was a fake De La Riva pass (while in combat base) to basic footlock....scoop the ankle, sit back, outer foot on hip, squeeze knees. Second was "hydraulic" mount escape to footlock. We went over this technique in megalodon for no-gi, so it was a refresher for me.

Rolled a bunch and felt really good. My breathing is INFINITELY better. I actually feel like I'm burning less energy than the blue belts who destroy me, even when I'm fighting for position, like in their guard. Since I've reverted to getting smashed by nearly everyone, as opposed to doing well against the white belts I usually roll with, I've been "receiving" well and preventing ultra bad positions better such as a cross-face. I rolled with this Randy fellow--the same guy who smashed my Z guard the first time but couldn't defend the me passing. I held my guard for a significant amount of time before he passed this time. All in all, huge improvement.


Went in for the main class at 12 and saw Coe there for the first time in weeks! We chatted a little as a white belt got his promotional whippings, then we all warmed up with a variety of drills, from back takes to torreando passing, to knee on belly switches.

There were no new techniques today. Instead, we broke into groups and worked top vs. bottom game. Winner stays in and choose to work guard or pass. I had no success at this. Tried passing Lucas's guard a couple times but he toyed with me for a while before flinging me off and sweeping.

Rolled 3 8 minute rounds, once with a female blue belt whom I swept but couldn't pass (she had great spider guard), once with a young purple belt whom I had rolled with before, and once with a slightly older purple. I damn near finished an anaconda choke when I tech stood up from guard and caught the guy with his head and arm dangling, but couldn't roll him or hook a leg for the finish. He said it was very tight, so at least I locked it up properly.

This was supposed to be my last week at Alliance, but I'm gonna sign up again since I'm still here. Hopefully I can train as much as possible before I have to stop going and assist my family in relocating before school starts again.

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