Saturday, June 30, 2012

Training at Alliance HQ: Week 6


Main class consisted of more grueling plyometric warm ups. Went right into self defense techniques, standing headlock escapes specifically: block punch, grab near kneecap, leg thru sit down into side. Also the step back version, kimura and choke. Also if they try to throw you, use your momentum while rolling yourself to end up on top.

Rolled with 4 people. Hit reverse scissor 2 times, played some x-guard and almost took back. Got ankle locked a shit load by the one blue belt who apparently would rather just latch onto my leg and keep leg locking a much less experienced blue belt than work anything else.


Intermediate class was some drilling-style warm ups. Shoulder roll --> Ippon drop seoi, switch, then the same drill with Morote drop Seoi. We skipped to rolling because Alliance wanted all the competitors who got medals in major comps to take a picture. So I rolled with a bunch of SUPER spazzy white belts and gassed myself out BIG TIME. Had to skip the main class, because the idea of more warm-ups was not amusing and I already felt like I was gonna die.


In the fundamentals class we went over headlock/Kesa escapes from on the ground, which is something I've largely forgot. Frame the face, hip escape, lift legs and swing them down, coming to your own knees and ending on top. Basic armbar from here after getting your head free. I don't remember how this segued into the next technique, but whatever. It was getting the choke from the back. Double lapel grip. Hand under the armpit flicks the collar back and feeds it DEEP to the choking arm. Under armpit arm grips lapel about halfway down the chest. Roll to support the choking arm (onto the forearm) and drive your shoulder forward and elbow back for the tap. 

Main class was more sickeningly grueling warm ups. Side note, I've lost 5lbs since I started here in late May. So I really wish I could lay off the warm ups a little....I know they're important for cardio, agility, etc but I'm a skinny motherfucker and I'm not too keen about ending up back at 125lbs. 
I can't remember what the techniques were for this class. I know Lucas is on vacation so Jacare was mostly working alone. Anyway, I rolled in a 3 way gauntlet with 2 other blue belts my size. I actually did really well this class, getting 2 triangle chokes, a reverse triangle w/ armbar finish from the back, and cross collar choke transition. I rolled out of turtle almost into an omoplata and hit a triangle off that sequence, which felt awesome.


More crazy warm ups for the fundamental class. Jacare went over some basic KOB stuff from a few days ago. Not sure if he forgot that DJ did it already. Just basic near-side armbar and cross collar choke.

Main class was some drilling from spider--->X guard. Just going over whatever sweeps you like from there. I'm aware of the tripod sweep, back take, and the thing where you grab the belt and load them up and roll them into side control.
The whole class was drilling in gauntlets of 3-5. We drilled from every position: back w/ hooks, mount, guard, deep half. Then Jacare made everyone do pushups and more workouts, presumably as punishment for talking so much during the fundamentals when he asked everyone to be quiet.

Fabio Gurgel is gonna be present for a seminar on July 12th as part of the Alliance HQ grand opening festivities. $50. I am all paid up and hoping to be in Georgia on that date, but who the fuck knows what can happen.

If anyone needs information on the seminar, feel free to contact me. Everyone at Megalodon should be there!

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