Sunday, October 23, 2011

No-Gi Training 10/23/11

On friday there weren't many people there so I rolled with Casey and Yoshi, who's a Muay Thai instructor with tree trunk legs. His skill level and technique knowledge isn't near mine I think, but he had some great bread and butter stuff that destroyed me because I kept getting stuck on bottom. I played on top at one point and as he went for a kneebar he handed me his foot so I grabbed the toehold from it. Rolled with Casey and did pretty much nothing but try to survive, since all my offense was smashed with ease.

Today was similar, just me, Casey, Coe (who didn't even roll), Ian and Michael. Mike left after a bit because of Muay Thai-related exhaustion, so I rolled with the big guys. Mostly got smashed but had some great turtle escapes and guard re-compositions. Kept Ian thinking about the leg locks and just generally didn't do too poorly against a more skilled and larger opponent. Techniques were the same as Friday, just the Saulo Ribeiro pass where you lift their closed guard hips onto one of your thighs, post back with the other foot and push the knee down for the break. Cross knee over, pass into side control. Variations were the kneebar off the cross-knee and the toehold which is right there if the kneebar doesn't work.

I didn't even intend on going tonight due to homework problems, but I'm glad I got some good rolls in.

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