Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Evolving my De La Riva. Also MOAR PASSING!

Been working a bit more on my offensive guard, and as far as my standing sweeps are concerned, I've been working DLR a good bit lately. I am familiar with a few sweeps, so I will be integrating them into my game in the next few weeks.

- DLR push sweep (control far sleeve, drive them back with your free foot while pulling them toward you)
- DLR roll-over sweep (invert while controlling near sleeve, swing free leg to lasso position and kick out.  Cobrinha style)
- Berimbolo- if they break any sleeve grip you have
- DLR arm trap (switch your gripping hand of their far-side arm under their leg, drop free foot to floor, collar grip, drag them down)

I think these are 4 great sweeps to work on. My DLR guard will be a lot more dangerous once I get good at them.

Also, refining scissor sweep/reverse scissor sweep combination, push sweep and flower sweep. These are great bread and butter options for kneeling opponents.

Passing is getting much better, mostly by combining the bull fighter pass with double under or even single under passes. The risk here is posting out with my leg too far and being underhooked. Casey hit me with that all the time.

It is looking like Mondays will be work-all-day days, so I might be on hiatus from no-gi for a while; and while any training is good training.... I ain't even mad.

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