Monday, July 16, 2012

Training at Alliance HQ: Seminar with Fabio Gurgel/The Final Week


Fabio was there gearing up for the grand opening and seminar on Thursday. Warmed up lightly with some triangle drills, omoplatas, and collar chokes. Fabio stepped in and taught some cool collar choke techniques as well; using the one choking hand to wedge up their neck and make room for the other hand to slide 4 fingers in UNDER the other arm. Also, Head to the side of the original (first) arm that went in and forehead to the ground. If they try to bridge and roll, you need to post out with your legs and feel it out.

Got some good rolls in. Felt great and very energetic. Worked guard, got some reverse scissor sweeps, played some reverse de la riva and maintained top position a bunch. Also hit a triangle/armbar submission. This whole week is going to be great. Tons of big names are coming out for the grand opening, including Bruno Malfacine, Marcelo Garcia, and a bajillion other black belts. Can't wait.


Fundamentals went over some great ways of escaping side control. Arm inside their bicep and blade of your wrist at their throat, bridge up into them and then HARD the other way while stepping over. You need to step big or else they can get to your back. Some other stuff included an ankle pick of sorts from a single leg position when they're turtled and you have their leg, or recomposing guard from this position, maybe even into a triangle. Lucas pulled me off to the side to help a white belt test for his blue, so I left the fundamental class early. Don't recall the main class lol.


All I remember from this day is that I rolled a ton.

Thursday (Seminar and Grand Opening!):

The place was packed with over 100 people. We watched a cool presentation with some Alliance footage and went on with some belt promotions. The seminar with Fabio began around 8:30. He showed some great turtle attacks. A few that I remember were: grabbing same side collar with hand under their armpit (if you cannot get a full seatbelt, this is better than nothing), blocking the opposite elbow and pulling them over before getting a hook in, a clock choke, a sleeve choke off the one hook, a couple cool ways of taking the back, and best of all, this awesome variant off a clock choke counter. Basically, you have the deep collar grip and the same side wrist is controlled, but they defend by pulling that arm all the way in and prepare to shoulder roll out of the choke. You follow them by hopping over to the other side, go belly down and force them onto their back. You drive your shoulder into the back of their head with the deep collar grip and get the choke. Definitely awesome, definitely using that one in my game.

After, I got a bunch of pictures with Bruno Malfacine, Lucas, and a Jacare/Fabio combo shot. It was a great night, and I even got to see Casey, Coe and Ian from Megalodon. Very memorable and a great way to close out the "Summer of Jiu Jitsu".


This was my final day training at Alliance full time. I'm going to try making it up there a couple Saturdays a month for extra training.

We worked a bunch of single leg variations of the day. Fake guard pull, get leg while maintaining collar grip to break their posture, step INSIDE leg out and look to pass. Another one was gripping the shoulder, stepping OUTSIDE leg out (like running the pipe), knee-cross pin, STAY LOW with your head, and slide into Kesa, then switch into side control. Drilled guard passing for a while, then rolled for 2 rounds. Got some great training in and I'm gonna miss the ~12 hours of practice I've been getting all summer. Time for school and work to take over again. Can't wait to get back to Megalodon and see everybody again. Thanks for a great summer, Alliance.

PS: Yes DJ, if you're reading this, it was a lot of fucking information to remember. LOL

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