Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/12- Gi

Let me just start off by saying that the new gym looks baller. The ring is badass and the Zebra mats are super nice. Plus the finish on the mats is such that I will never get mat burn again. Great success!! Even the old wrestling mat is pretty comfortable and it serves a purpose on the other end of the room as additional mat space.

Worked some wrestling with Johnny teaching. Went over pummeling for double underhooks, locking up your hands and getting them to the ground with really any kind of trip. Also drilled the over/under position with an inside trip on the underhooked side as well as the outside trip on the underhooked side. After this, we drilled technical armbars from guard, scissor sweeps, and then combo'd them together.

We have a bunch of new folks already which is pretty awesome. A couple guys my size and even smaller. One is Reid, about 125lbs and another new guy I met today named Brad, who's probably around 135-145. I rolled with Brad and although the dude was a white belt, he put on a hell of a fight. Pretty close to blue belt I would think. I pulled guard but he wouldn't let me close up and pushed combat base from the beginning. I struggled to make anything happen from half guard because he had good shoulder pressure and was doing everything he should have been. He wouldn't let me get the underhook there either, and he ended up passing my guard a few times. He wasn't particularly tight from there and I reversed him a few times and snagged a nice inverted triangle off a scramble. Second roll, he got swept off my butterfly hooks (I think) and tried for an armbar but I defended well, blocked his triangle transition and passed into side control and north/south and the round ended. Actually a pretty chill, super technical match with him. Looking forward to rolling more. Rolled with Johnny and got raped as expected. Closed out the night with Antony and a bunch of back and forth until the end minutes when he mounted a few times.

We actually have a bunch of people now but I've yet to see some of the other, more regular people.

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