Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Regarding UFC 125 and Walker's Strikeforce Bout

UFC 125 was SUPPOSED to be a kick ass fight card to bring in the New Year. While it is still somewhat kick ass (maybe), I feel like Aldo's departure has really affected it in a negative way.

Jose Aldo was the new Urijah Faber of the WEC after claiming the Featherweight belt, and now that the 2 organizations have merged, he's the reigning champion of the UFC's featherweight division. If you don't know Aldo, you should. The guy is a fucking beast.

Anyway, he's injured and now the co-main event has been canceled. This is greatly disappointing. The card's main event is now for the Lightweight belt, pitting 2 notoriously boring fighters against each other. Edgar is OK, but Gray Maynard is so fucking awful that I would want to stab my brain with a fork rather than watch him fight.

Yeah, I really hate Maynard.

In addition to this, it seems Herschal Walker is out of his Dec. 4 Strikeforce bout. This makes me even more pissed off. So basically, I'm just really pissed off at MMA right now.

This was the strikeforce poster before Walker pulled (see Walker, bottom-left). I find it hilarious that he's the only one on there (as opposed to BOTH fighters, like all posters). It just shows that no one gives a shit about the nobody Walker was scheduled to be fighting.

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